How to Declutter Your Home With Garage Organization

We’ve all been there. Life gets busy. In order to just get things out of the way in the common areas of our homes, we push, shove, and stuff our hallway closets and linen closets until they’re overflowing and messy, give random items a home in our laundry rooms where they sit collecting dust, and we stuff our bedroom closets and dressers with clothes and shoes we haven’t laid eyes on in five years. At some point, this starts to feel overwhelming because, although we don’t really need our baby’s first blanket and pair of shoes, we also can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it. So, this begs the question: where do we put all of our STUFF?!!

Many Americans in this situation go with a quick and easy choice – a storage unit. These are costly and not easily accessible, but are a quick fix to a messy problem. However, there’s a much better way to store your items without throwing away money every month; one that will actually increase your home value and give you peace of mind. What is it, you ask? The garage!

We know, we know: your garage is full, too. But, our garages are often the single most underutilized space in the home. There are so many options to create additional storage space in the garage that are effective and very doable.

Overhead storage, for example, is an affordable way to store your belongings off the floor and out of the house. Keep your bedroom closets clutter-free by removing winter clothes and shoes and storing them away in overhead storage compartments. Remove your seasonal recreation equipment from the lawn or entryway closet and safely tuck it away. Our home offices can be some of the most cluttered spaces, including everything from important documents to old treadmills we swore we’d use, but are now covered in dust and boxes. Store holiday decorations, camping equipment and all the items you only use occasionally above your head and out of your way! Transform your indoor space by taking advantage of all the unused space of your garages.

We recognize overhead storage isn’t always enough when you need to organize items and make sure they’re still easily accessible. Garage cabinets will take it to the next level by giving you a space to store your utility equipment, tools, cleaning supplies, yard maintenance tools, gardening tools, craft supplies, and more. You’ll no longer need to shove everything underneath the kitchen sink, in the linen closet or in laundry room. Clean, organized cabinets in your garage create a space for everything. It can be particularly difficult to find space inside the home for larger items, like a carpet steamer; garage cabinets will give you a spot to hide these items in a place that’s easily accessible.

Another option? Your garage walls! You can have garage slatwall installed to create even more space to hang items like rakes, brooms, and mops, and can even have tire racks and bike racks to get items off the floor and out of your way.

Whatever your storage needs are, there’s a solution in your garage!